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We would at the outset, introduce ourselves through this letter and take this chance to present you detail information about the activities we undertake. 

Today, the demand for plastics in everyday life has become very widespread and the product has to be in varied form to high sophistication. We have pleasure and pride to make mention here that we have been engaged for a quite a long in product related to energy conservation, environment protection, user safety, antipollution accompanied by development of better Plastic Product which is the need of the day. We feel that this way, we contribute greatly to the development of the Indian Plastic Industry.

As per Present trend requirement any products should stand the standard of Light Weight design, Present-ability, Ability of use and affordable Price Structure. We have been carrying out detailed and deep Research as far as all these qualities are concerned.


Other Services

Around the Clock, office is equipped with Advance software Digital camera /scanner facility for quick design approval/communication. We have an experience in creating best quality Wooden-Acrylic Dummy, Prototype, Short Run Production, developing Temporary Tooling, aesthetic model/prototype, fitment prototype, functional prototype and short run production for any consumer or industrial plastic products.

Aesthetic prototypes:  They are generally required by consumer products manufacturing & selling companies, such as fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), foreign multinationals, home appliances & home electronic product manufacturing companies.

These models are mostly made using 2D/3D CAD Designs & Printing Technologies Or by Subtractive Manufacturing using CNC Machines. A variety of materials such as wood, acrylic, PU, high density foam, plastic fabrication and thermo-forming options are used for subtractive manufacturing.

Prototype for the purpose of fitment: Such prototypes, in most cases, are those that are made once the aesthetic have been tested. This is second stage of prototyping in product design & development cycle. There are many advanced option are available, such as stereo lithography analysis (SLA), selective lase sintering (SLS) & fused deposition modelling (FDM).

Functional-working  prototypes: These type of prototypes are made once mechanical design has been finalized & product  is ready for further mass production tooling manufacturers. Functional prototypes are made at this moment, so that any Issues relating to final other fitment and functionality could be fine tuned  to avoid costly reworking once the tool-mold are made.

Normally functional prototypes required in larger numbers prompting to use of vacuum casting or vacuum forming technologies. In case of small quantity requirement utilizing CNC milling of plastic solid sheet-block material that is closest to plan material choice.

Short run production: Some time these type of model-prototypes are required to test market new product before final introduction in market  & for collecting survey data from the actual consumer comment, which helps to refine the final product before sending in to mass production process.

Our Own Experience: Recently we developed a portable electric power operated appliance, kind of machine in just few month. Our approach of making entire working prototype in plastic to check moving part parameter before converting into actual cast metal and machined metal manufacturing process, made this task easier. Once all the movement part testing is taken care of, jumping or directly copying from plastic prototype for actual working metal prototype machine development is very easy & quickest realization of any machine possible.


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